Before this Ship Set Sail there were Ghosts on the Brine

by Cea Tea

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Written and Recorded by Cea Tea, May 2014.

Persons: Cat Blanks - Vocals, Harmonica
Anna Light - Vocals (track 4)
Mish Lucera - Drumset (track 1, 2, 3, 5)
Ed Lucera - Drumset (track 5)
D Wrathaway - Bass
Alan Andrews - Guitars
Coy Illinois - Piano
Frankie True - Production

Thank You: All our family, Lalew, The HiddN Daisy, Anna Isakson, The Eastside Treehouse, Bob & Kel, Hippopoticorn, the Mill St. Mafia, Spater Pater, Ryan Serymur, Kirmse, Sean Gordan, Jamie, "709", Doug Lyons, the "one brick", the kind folks in Pueblo CO, Charlie and his beautifully cosmic eyes, kind folks in Urbana, IL (big ups), Jaik Willis, The Ben Miller Band, We Must Dismantle All This, Harp, Baluu, Vladamir Amadeus, Planet, Elf, Rainbow, Clobly, Claiborne McD, LeeeLUH, Josh, Amanda, Tyler, Nevermind & The Lost Boys, Jose, Hannah, Mariee Sioux, The Cairo Gang via Christopher Longfellow, Neitzsche I suppose, Herman Hesse no doubt, Alex Mayer, Ash Hallford, Elijah Allred, Endecco the Dorphin, Mike Donato, Mark Babel, John Diedrich, Fuckin' Todd, Kaliflower, The Holdout, Food Not Bombs, the Space Boat, Every person who went with me to the "Road Ends" spot in West Elgin to watch the sun and sit with me as it set again and again with the infinite sorrow that is youth, Cara Walton, Chinaman Lee, that night when Paul Mason and I made peace between Russia and America and I found a 4-leaf clover that was almost azure, Little America, Zero, Zorro, Fish, Mainiac, Smiley, Jeff in Ft. Worth TX, Lauri, Sean, the Sampsons & the Rosenfelds, coconut milk, anybody whose ever been in a band, hosted a show, gone to a show, gave a home-free vagabond a sack of walnuts, made love on top of a mountain or by a river or with Godd, the entire cosmic wink, Everybody I left when it was still all too soon to explain any of it and it still is too - - - and I'm sorry Bug, Mitch, Absurd, Laureny, Nigle, Alan Andrews, and I do sincerely forgive you Grandpa P...

...And this is only a beginning, my love, truly this is a beginning. Everything that has happened will play again and again in the heart of yr mind, like a sour wind that cups over the foothills after its long journey over desert plains. And what can you recall? amid such acrid memorials and disdainful histories - a world remains - as beautiful as the hour we first watch the comets emblazon each other's peaks and pitches of colors in each other's irises lost in the jaden mountain valleys where yarrow grows among the ponderosa as well as the juniper. And in the curious etchings of our eyes, of the ancient sky bedecked with a thousand golden tsink-tsinks, each sordid memory will be transfigured under the salty sweat of the Sea, and we will know that which we have always known but had forsook... it is the Great Love that returns to us after having been gone so long...


released May 31, 2014

Recorded with a Blue Spark on a busted BR-900 8-track



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Cea Tea

"Love is Real"

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Track Name: The Daytracker (Raphael, From the Bardo)
I lost track of the days...
"Track 'em down through the shades"
I'm Trackin' reins in the rain
Are you ready?"
Track Name: Shipping Out
No way out
Of this pain
Deep water is rising

And the wind blowin
It howls like a dog
Stealing the covers from over
The dark sky of the coast
In the black sand charcoal

Nothing can keep me here

Blood on my hands
Prisms in my eyes
This world is so surreal

As we are shipping out now
On the cold cast of the Sea
It is dusk now
And there is a face in the clouds
Track Name: For a Rose & Rhymer
I see her
In the fog of the silver sea
In front of me
She moves with the life of many lives
I must have fallen asleep in the night

And dreamed of a Beautiful old woman
She gave me a rose
She gave me another reason to Love
For Love was all that I lost

"Somewhere," she said
"On a mountain hillside
In a soft bed of night
Under the Pleiades
Your Love will come to you there
And show you everything
You will hear the toll
When dawn is nigh
Her heart has deeps
As your mind is unwise
And her eyes are on fire
And deep in your chest, my son,
Lives a Rhymer."

Then I was alone
By the shore again
On that oakwood doc
I climbed aboard
I set free the lines
Knowing long before this
Ship set sail
There were ghosts on the brine

"Fare thee well"
Fare thee well
Fare thee well
"Fare thee well"
Fare thee well
Track Name: ...And the Sky was Red
A storm was building on the front
And the sky was red
No way out
Hailing and raining
Passing straight through
Until the tempest's end

The sun is not forgotten
The sun is gold
And it looks at you
While you pass through
The nowhere's wall
Unto the call